If you have anything to do with power suppliers, here's what you need to know about EN 62368

2021-07-31 10:21

First thing you need to know

EN 62368 is the new safety standard for information technology equipment and audio/video equipment. It replaces EN60950, EN 60905 and EN 60065 as well as IEC 60950-1.

First published in Europe during 2Q-2014, the Date of Withdrawal (DoW) of the standards to be superseded (EN 60065 and EN 60950-1) was assigned to be June 20, 2019; however, the Official Journal of the European Union has yet to be updated to include EN62368 as mandatory and formally associated with the low voltage directive (LVD) this is expected to be updated soon. However, UL has in fact assigned June 20, 2019 as the date of new equipment certification and UL/CSA 62368 will be the law of the land in North America at that time.